Thursday 31 July 2008

A friend who once toured Graceland told me that a guide informed the tourists that they couldn't touch any of the exhibits, but sniffing was ok. I guess Tim was looking for some fresh air after soaking up all the intoxicating smells of the mansion. Hat number 14 sits proudly on his head. And we know that it's never going to be "returned to sender".
In the southern US, the Grand Ole Opry used to be an institution. People would crowd around their radios to listen to the latest broadcasts, while would-be country singers dreamed of one day performing on stage themselves. Today, the Opry is known as a catwalk where people model the latest designer fashions from Europe. Jane here shows off the P40B summer collection.
You need a permit for free speech in the Smoky Mountains, but there's no ban on quality, branded headgear.
P40B hasn't yet made it to Hollywood, but Tim flies the flag in Dollywood, which is clearly the next best thing. Miss Dolly's titfers are, of course, notorious.
Hey, this ain't Tennessee! A lion stands guard at Biltmore House, North Carolina - a late nineteenth century replica of a sixteenth century French chateau. Or should that be chapeau?